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Building Better Education with Immersive 3D

Terra Virtualis is a non-profit that provides free universally accessible art educational software to the public. Terra uses virtual reality and immersive 3-D to increase public access to art, culture and history. 

Terra brings together varied industries into one digital space to provide free and interactive digital humanities content. Terra Virtualis relies on federal funding, grant funding and community support to grow its mission to expand access to art. Your donation protects the human right to free and open access to art for everyone.

Find out more about our mission and values here.

Alpha Build 0.1.27

Web VR Preview Below

Previews do not allow for movement and are lowered to a web comparable resolution to approximate the virtual experience within the browser.


Partner Update

Website updates and new partnerships announced.


Partner Update

We are pleased to announce an educational partnership with the University of Iowa.


Content Update

We have converted the project to RTX lighting to improve performance. 

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