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Denis Bjelica Terra Virtualis CEO
Eric Rude Terra Virtualis CFO

Denis Bjelica

Chair of the Board of Directors


Eric Rude

Secretary & Treasurer


Denis Bjelica is the founder of Terra Virtualis. He is a Croatian entrepreneur living in Iowa. He is a graduate of the University of Iowa with Bachelors degrees in English and Art with a focus on 3D Design. Denis has worked in the 3D design industry for half a decade with a special focus on art and architecture. Denis has worked for global technology companies, like LG and AT&T in sales and marketing before opening his own design studio.


Eric Rude holds Bachelors Degrees from University of St. Thomas in business and finance
and a Masters in Education from Notre Dame University of Maryland. Eric has worked as a
Financial Analyst for U.S. Bank, a feasibility consultant in health management. He possesses
a lifetime of volunteer experience focused around primary education. Eric taught in some of
Baltimore's lowest income districts and is passionate about empowering underserved


Daniel Schupp-Omid Terra Virtualis CTO
george lamarca Terra Virtualis Board Member

Daniel Schupp-Omid

Board Member


George LaMarca

Board Member

With a Masters Degree in computer engineering from the University of Iowa, Dan has served
as a senior engineer pursuing R&D in industry and academia. He has focused on machine
learning and computer vision leading to several published academic papers and patents. Dan
has been driven by his passion to educate. He has been a tutor and teaching assistant at both
St. Thomas University and the University of Iowa, as well as providing mentorship in his
consulting and professional roles.


In tandem with a stellar courtroom reputation, Mr. LaMarca is a highly respected legal author. He has written extensively on the investigation and trial strategies of civil cases, and the use of demonstrative evidence, models, tests and experiments in the courtroom. In addition to being the principal author of the benchmark work  Iowa Pleading, Causes of Action and Defenses, he has authored two Law Review articles and over 30 invited articles in peer reviewed legal, medical and scientific journals. Published in 2020, his latest book "Winning Trial Principles" has received high praise from judges, lawyers, and legal educators.

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