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Grassroots Movement in the Arts

The Terra Virtualis business model is chosen for it's potential to create the most good. Instead of charging artists display fees, selling access in the form of micro-transactions, or other schemes; we have chosen to let our prosperity be defined by public interest in fine-art. We believe art is essential to a healthy society and that artistic jobs and creatives are of high value to the propagation of culture. We know there have to be others that agree with us. So, we have built a virtual metropolis of fine art that is accessible the world-over at no cost. We hope you will support our cause in creating a universal and free art experience.

Public Contributions


We can't do this alone. Small donations can make a huge impact. We rely on donations averaging $20. If everyone that believed in our open approach to art gave just $3, we could keep Terra thriving for years to come. The price of a coffee is all we need. Terra Vitualis was started in an Iowa basement by a first-generation immigrant, Terra has developed a system of partners on three continents and a half dozen galleries.

Terra Virtualis relies on public contributions to fund development, updates, and curation.

Terra is a place to expand your cultural horizons. The heart and soul of Terra is a community of people bringing art from every corner of the world to every corner of the world. Terra Virtualis is a nonprofit because that is the way in which we can do the most good for our society. Digitization of the arts must happen before more works are lost forever. We deeply believe that Terra must be for everyone and with your support, we will work to provide unlimited access to reliable and accurate information. 


As a war refugee, I have faced shocking adversity my entire life and have overcome that great fear with perseverance and unrelenting optimism. I know what a difference access to education and art can make to one child and that we have the ability to impact the lives of millions with this technology. Together with our staff, volunteers, donors and partners we can make Terra a virtual city in which to learn and explore art, culture, and history. 


If you have the ability to give, please consider making a donation to help grow and sustain Terra.

Thank you,

Denis Bjelica

Terra Virtualis Founder

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Tax Deductabaility


Terra Virtualis has filed form 1023 (09.2020) to become a non-profit charity established in the United States under the US IRS Code Section 501(c)(3), and, for that reason, donations from persons or entities located in the United States may benefit from tax deductible status.

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Essential to the growth and development of the project, in house development projects are publicly accessible cores of the gallery that provide zero-cost entertainment and education to our patrons. These spaces are typically geared to new-art, under-served communities, and experimental expression. To keep up with a growing user base and ambitious goals, Terra Virtualis needs direct community support.


By joining the development fund, every member can ensure the future of Terra Virtualis and get:


  • Groundbreaking at-home art and cultural experience.

  • Stable software with bug-fixes.

  • Generational technology visual updates.

  • Recognition online via the community badge system.


Allowing continuity is the primary goal of Terra Virtualis. We have defined several milestones that will allow us to achieve this goal:

All Development Fund grants and supported projects will be published on our blog. To improve transparency and involvement we will also:


  • Post a half-year report on past results and a roadmap proposal for projects to be supported in the coming half year. The reports will be shared on the  blog (and mailing lists), open for everyone to discuss give feedback on.

  • Spend a small but relevant percentage (5-8%) of the budget on making development projects visible and accessible in general. That means improving communication (sending as well as receiving!), better technical documentation, and attention for on-boarding of new developers.

  • Aim for the widest possible consensus on roadmaps. We expect that with the badges, development fund members have a good way to make sure they’re being heard.


Final decisions on assigning developer grants will be made by the Terra Virtualis, verified and supported by Terra Board of Directors with heavy community input and polling.

32,500  Dollars/Month -

3 Full Time Developers, 3D Artist & Grant Writer

65,000  Dollars/Month -

5 Full Time Developers, 3D Artist, Technical Artist, Grant Writer, Social Media Coordinator

100, 000  Dollars/Month -

7 Full Time Developers, 2 3D Artists, Technical Artist, Grant Writer, Social Media Coordinator

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Office of Outreach & Engagement




Valve Corporation

Providing fantastic support and continuously working to bring virtual space to new mediums and locations.



Larned A. Waterman Iowa Nonprofit Resource Center

Providing testing equipment and a great experience in platform distribution. 


Providing expert support and helping with growth and development.

Providing expert support and excellence in aerial 3D scanning.

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