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Educational Partnership

Through our educational partnerships Terra Virtualis directly gives back to others that share the same passion and drive for education. By partnering with these types of organizations, Terra Virtualis can have a measurable impact on the real world while offering a virtual experience to people that may not have hardware capable of accessing Terra. These types of partnerships are funded by various grants from government and educational organizations that see the same value as our partners in further digitizing art education. Terra Virtualis engages in the following types of Educational Partnerships:

Benefits of Partnering with Terra

Non-Profit Charity Status:

As a non-profit we can guarantee that all revenue will be put back into our mission to create publicly accessible art. Our protected 501C status also guarantees that we follow procedures and business practices that are mandated by the IRS to enhance transparency and ethical business practices. Our bylaws further create exacting measures to follow when it comes to a wide range of operational tasks, reporting, and issues. The status allows Terra Virtualis to accept tax-deductible donations in the furtherance of our mission.


Terra Virtualis prides itself on the amount of care that we put into transparency. We strive to go the extra mile not just with fiscal reporting, project reporting, and community involvement, but also with copyright and licensing agreements and the generous rights given within our Terms of Use. We are dedicated to accurate record keeping and open communication that exceed the letter of the law but offer a truly transparent and socially run company.

Educationally Backed:

Terra Virtualis relies on higher-education partners to integrate our technologies into distance based curriculums and welcome feedback and support from these partners to make our services accessible and easy to use. We seek partnerships with universities that will result in quantitative data and research on art education, distance learning, and arts engagement. We only conduct joint data studies and research in partnership with accredited universities and colleges that will publish any resulting text in a free and open manner.

Quality Workplace:

Terra Virtualis is dedicated to making work a better place to be by offering only fully remote salary positions that are based on a 36  workweek for full time employees. With flexible scheduling, competitive salaries, and great benefits we can ensure that the artists and creatives we employ are treated well. Happy employees are productive employees and we do all we can to accommodate various methods to enhance our employees experience. By partnering with Terra you are directly supporting this kind of work environment that looks to empower its employees with meaningful fully remote work in the arts.

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