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Our Mission

Terra Virtualis is the first non-profit to combine virtual reality, 3D imaging, web, and social media technologies into a project that will benefit both artists and patrons. Our focus on VR stems from that specific media's ability to create immersion which in turn creates joy and clearer, longer lasting memories in our guests, improves focus, and allows for a richer experience. We are applying these principals to cultural exposure and art therapy. Terra’s mission also seeks to augment several gaps in the current system of access to art in local galleries and museums. These gaps are, (1) the cost of art education, (2) the art-as-investment market mindset that has shifted art from a primary consumption market to an unregulated speculative market, (3) the lack of the industry's response to the rise of digital art as an enduring and formative media, and (4) museum/galleries inability to allow for experimental work due to large expenditures and tight margins.  

We abate the cost of art education by providing virtual galleries to schools ensuring an equal opportunity for students of all socioeconomic groups. Doing this greatly expands the reach of remarkable artists, specifically in traditionally undeserved groups such as people that live in low economic development areas. We democratize the learning process by partnering with exceptional
galleries to provide digitized experiences to the world. This model allows for growth and innovation by opening the field to more non-traditional arts such as graffiti, shadow-art, and other highly experimental digital artwork. Our embrace of digital art as a formative and enduring medium not only applies to 2-D work such as pictures and video, but also 3D Sculpture, Pixel Art, and
emerging forms such as visual immersive art. Without the constraints of brick and mortar galleries we are able to exhibit a wider range and scale of artwork than possible in the real world. Creating imaginative ways to allow artists to fully express their visions. The cost-per-exhibit can further be reduced in virtual space with client-hosted ‘portal galleries,’ creating a fertile space for new and exciting ideas to be accessed and to grow.

For the public good we are creating an anywhere - anytime accessible museum that pushes the bounds of art and expands our access to the infinite living world of art. For the creatives, we are evening the playing field by providing a place where they can flourish without the constraints of the physical world. We believe such a project is of great social importance and a cause worthy of funding from universities, governments, and private citizens.


Terra Virtualis is a non-profit built on values. These values guide our mission and are the key tenets of Terra's philosophy which relies on public interest and support from our communities to drive free and accessible art.


People First

Terra Virtual is a people focused company. Terra provide digital humanities virtual reality software at no cost because we believe in the transformative power that comes from access to education and the arts. Our people first approach goes further with the involvement, support, and investments into the career of individual artists and art focused organizations. Organizationally, we implement these values by providing an all-digital work environment that allows employees and volunteers to work from their homes saving them time and energy, implementing 36 hour full time scheduling for salary employees, and utilizing active digital communications to improve organizational efficiency.


Public Access

People have a human right to equal art and education access. We partner with a number of institutions, museums, and organizations that see that value of art propagation. Internally, we live up to this value by, making all research conducted by Terra Virtualis free and open, demonstrating the highest standards of transparency when it comes to our donors, and being actively engaged in artistic communities.


Art, Culture and History

To know the past is to know ourselves. Terra's firm belief in people power drives our passion to provide a place where people can learn and experience Art, Culture and History. These things are not just some abstract concepts for the  privileged few but, are all around us. From traditional art-forms like painting and sculpture, to modern digital art, tattoo art, voxel art, Terra has the freedom to allow for more experimentation and living arts then can be accommodated by other museums. In our values, culture and history are twin broad stoke terms that encompass humanities such as architecture, archeology, anthropology and sciences such as technology, physics, chemistry, biology. Our non-linear approach to display curation is one of our greatest strengths because it allows us to create enriching experiences that can spark a lifetime of curiosity.

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