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Terra Virtualis does not claim any rights to any third-party materials other than the limited rights laid out in the Terms of Use and expects artists, partners and other third parties to do the same. We seeks to prevent confusion about which applications, software, or implementations are made by Terra Virtualis and which are made and owned by partners, or other third parties. As such we ask you to follow a these guidelines:

press use of logo and marks

The Terra Virtualis logo and marks can be used by journalists, media outlets or publishers to publish articles, blogs, or news specifically about Terra Virtualis. No other use is allowed without express written permission.

Restrictions: You may not use this right to imply a relationship with Terra Virtualis and the publication without our express written permission. We expressly forbid the use of these marks without clear ownership of the communication such as the publishers logo, name, or news program or in any manner that suggests co-branding or in the header or banner of any website.

In-Terra logo and use

We give you special permission to show your support and partnership with Terra Virtualis and distinctly identify the virtual gallery by using the InTerra branding and logo along with your business organization or product.  Check the Guidelines in the PDF for a complete list of restrictions before agreeing and using this logo.

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